Our Leaders

President – Julie Misch

President Elect – Cathey Graves

Vice President Membership – Susan Walker and Kimberly Crisera

Vice President Ticktockers – Elisa Amaral and Deb Doyle

Vice President Philanthropy – Laurie Baker

Vice President Patroness Activities – Susan Volkman

Vice President Communications – Tracey Chaney

Vice President Provisionals – Celeste Gebhardt

Secretary – Shannon Nicholson

Treasurer – Lily Fong

Parliamentarian – Joy Higa

Immediate Past President – Sandi Nerad

Photo:  Cathey Graves, Lily Fong, Joy Higa, Laurie Baker, Deb Doyle, Elisa Amaral, Kimberly Crisera, Susan Walker, Julie Misch, Susan Volkman, Tracey Chaney, Celeste Gebhardt, Shannon Nicholson, Sandi Nerad